Dealer Terms


BNR Supercars, LLC also known also as reserves the right to have sole discretion regarding what companies and/or individuals we approve or deny to become dealers..

Price Restrictions -

We welcome dealers, rely on dealers, and strive to help our dealers be more profitable. In the interest of helping all of our dealers be more profitable we require that dealers sell our products at the prices listed on We do this in effort to help all dealers be profitable and not price battle into unsustainable pricing. In order to be a dealer for BNR products and receive a discounted price, you must adhere to this Pricing Restrictions policy. We will only give one warning and after that you will lose your discount privilege.

Applicable Taxes and/or Restrictions and/or Regulations -

All dealers must agree to abide by all the taxation laws put in place by their government bodies, including US states, any Federal restrictions, taxation and/or import taxes, any other assessed taxes that are applicable to your business and sales. In the USA as a retailer, even if you are drop shipping you may be required to collect sales tax for states in which you are not physically located based on the annual sales amount that you ship or have drop shipped to that state. In order to be a dealer for BNR products you must manage your business legally within all legal guidelines and regulations, acknowledging that you are solely responsible to correctly track and pay any and all financial obligations that are assessed based on product sales.

Use Of Photography, Videography, Descriptions and other Content -

All dealers have the ability to download and use product page content related to the specific product and only for the purpose of selling the product. This is applicable only to the specific products video, the products images, and the product description; all of which are located only on the product page of  You may not use any other images or videos. You agree that BNR Supercars, LLC is the owner of the product content,  you as the dealer have to rights use the product content only for BNR product marketing and that BNR Supercars, LLC has the right to revoke your use of its content at any time for any reason.