Core Instructions


1. You must place a website order for the "core required" product you need, making sure to use the correct return shipping address, phone number, and email address (we will be contacting you by both phone and email). This web order will be a unpaid order, we do not charge you until after we receive your core and start your job.

2. PRINT OUT YOUR ORDER RECEIPT AND INCLUDE IN YOUR PACKAGE. You will receive a order confirmation by email and you can print that out and on the receipt write your Year, Make, Model and performance goals. Include this in your package so we can match it up to your order.

3. SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS - Please remove oil and water lines from the turbocharger(s) to reduce damages during shipment. When boxing, DO NOT using packing pea nuts, shredded paper, or bubble wrap, the weight and sharp ends of the turbocharger pops bubbles and breaks pea nuts causing the turbo to shift around and break through the box before it gets to us. Use newspaper and pack the turbo tightly. A double wall box is best suited for the weight! The flat rate boxes, are NOT rated for the weight of a turbocharger. If the turbocharger gets damaged (broken studs, bent actuators ect.) there will be extra charges for replacements/labor! 


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