Toyota Aristo turbo core and manifold information

Toyota Aristo turbo core and manifold information

The JDM Aristo sequential twin turbos are boost limited by the material the turbine wheels are made from.  Toyota engineers made the turbines out of ultra-light weight ceramic material which does not tolerate ANY abuse!  After around 15 psi, the tool steel shaft and the Ceramic turbine head can easily separate causing destruction of the turbocharger.  No antilag on the stock Aristo turbos!!!  Since the 2jz engine can handle all the boost you can throw at it, the aristo turbos are the first part of the system to fail under high power conditions.

BNR Supercars has engineered a sequential twin turbocharger upgrade that enhances the stock CT20A’s to where you can generate up to 600-700 RWHP and still maintain the response of sequential twins!  We made custom new aero Inconel turbine wheel to replace the factory ceramic turbine.  We also upgrade the thrust bearing assemblies and also have new aero, generation 2 billet compressor wheels!  Our custom compressor wheels flow 44 lb/min per side!  The compressor seals are also converted to dynamic seal which reduces friction on the rotating assembly.  The factory CT20A seal plates have carbon seals.  These carbon seals have constant contact on a flat surface on the rotating assembly which adds turbo lag on the primary and the secondary turbo when it happens to come online.  

We require a set of disassembled cores on purchase.  [Core Document]

*When sending in the turbocharger cores please separate the 2 turbochargers from the manifold and the turbo collector.   If you send the turbochargers complete you will be charged an extra $150 for packaging and extra labor.

We also highly recommend you port the turbo manifold to match the turbine inlets on the turbocharger upgrades!   This is the main reason boost is harder to control with the JDM turbochargers vs. USDM turbochargers!   The air speed flowing through the manifolds is so fast that the wastegate can not vent enough exhaust gasses to control the boost.  Open the ports up and the air speed will slow down, therefore the wastegate works like it should!*


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