2005-2009 Subaru Legacy GT/Outback XT important information

2005-2009 Subaru Legacy GT/Outback XT important information

Before you purchase a turbocharger there is homework that needs to be done with the oil supply.   This is not a typical car that you stick a turbocharger replacement on and expect a long turbo life span.  We have been in business building high performance turbochargers since 2001 and I have never witnessed a vehicle that was so harsh on turbochargers such as the 2005-2009 Legacy GT and the Outback XT!  The cars are plagued by oil supply issues going to the turbocharger.  Since we specialized in these VF40 and VF46 units, 99 out of 100 turbo cores failed from oil starvation.  From 2009-2012 we worked based upon turbo core exchange.  Most of the failures were so catastrophic that the turbine wheel and shaft separated because of oil starvation. 

The easiest and best solution to this problem is to bypass the original oil line and it’s location and get the oil supply for the turbocharger either from an aftermarket sandwich plate that goes between the engine oil filter and filter housing, or tapping into the oil pressure sending unit oil passage.  DO NOT GET OIL SUPPLY FROM THE CYLINDER HEAD!!! When bypassing the stock turbocharger oil supply line you don’t have to deal with turbocharger failures due to lack of oil pressure, or lack of oil volume from clogged banjo bolt filters, restricted oil lines, or faulty Oil Control Valves (OCV’s).  After implementing this oil line update to your car you will no longer be plagued with turbo problems!



Here are the oil line parts and pieces needed to make you a custom oil bypass line!

(qty 1)    $34.00 (turbo to inline filter oil line)



(qty 1)     $34.00 (Sandwich plate to inline filter oil line)



(qty 1)     $8.99 (needs a single copper washer. Use stock or purchase new with link below)  COPY AND PASTE LINK!



(qty 1)     $4.97 (remember to use liquid Teflon on threads. NO TAPE!)  COPY AND PASTE LINK!



(qty 1)     $5.85 (can use OE copper washer, only need 1)  COPY AND PASTE LINK!



(qty 1)     $10.99 (use liquid Teflon on on plugs and fitting)  COPY AND PASTE LINK!


(qty 1)     $31.23 (turbosmart inline oil filter PN-TS-0804-1002) summit racing (cut and paste the link)

This new part doesn’t require the purchase of fitting SUM-220432B that is on the diagram.


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